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The Luckables Story

When friends asked “what does your Dad do for work?” I proudly said he “made” stuffed animals - not understanding that he didn't actually create the stuffed animals, but was in sales for a plush company. That one (minor) difference aside, the benefit was still the same: a home filled with every stuffed animal imaginable.

Naturally, stuffed animals became a gift-giving go-to for our family: from friends birthday parties (no one had to guess who brought the teddy bear), to relatives welcoming newborns, and of course, for myself. Whether comforting me at night as a little girl, going to overnight camp for the first time, or leaving home for college - stuffed animals gave me encouragement at times when I needed it most. It was my family's way of saying "good luck - you got this!"

Fast forward to today, I’m a wife and mama, and yes, I'm still a stuffed animal lover. Even as an adult, I have an appreciation for how a sweet, cuddly stuffed animal can instantly put a smile on someone's face. I also appreciate the significance behind small acts of kindness, and letting someone know you're thinking of them. When creating Luckables, I wanted to create a product that was incredibly sweet, irresistibly soft, but also something that represented luck. A way to let someone know "good luck - you got this!"

We hope you enjoy Luckables as much as we enjoyed creating them!