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Luck You Can Love

Irresistibly soft stuffed animals with a touch of luck. Luckables give encouragement and luck when it's needed most. Whether marching onto the school bus for the first time, heading off to college, purchasing a home, having a baby and all the big and small moments in-between...

Everyone Needs a Lil' Bit of LUCK!

The Legends Behind the Luck

With Luckables, you'll take a journey across continents and learn about some of the myths and legends behind iconic symbols of luck including the four-leaf clover, horseshoe, ladybug, elephant and rabbit. Learn more from our Lucky Legends blog.

The Power of Luck

Ever stop to wonder why good luck symbols have been around since ancient times? Did you know that they're represented in almost every culture around the world? It would almost be surprising if you didn't know that symbols such as a four-leaf clover, horseshoe and rabbit's foot are associated with good luck. According to some studies, their ability to directly impact a person's confidence, may help explain why this is so. So help boost someone's confidence, and share some luck with Luckables!