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The Legends Behind the Elephant

by Luckables Staff |

Lucky symbols have many different interpretations. In this blog series, you'll learn about some of the myths and stories behind these highly recognized symbols of luck. We hope you enjoy learning the backstory of how your Luckable earned its lucky status.


The notion that elephants bring good luck has a long history. The origins of the lucky elephant can be found in India and Southeast Asia where they are highly cherished — even on par with mythical creatures such as the dragon. Ganesha — the Hindu god of new beginnings, wisdom, luck, and success — is usually depicted with an elephant’s head, and the god Indra is usually pictured with a powerful elephant by his side. Elephants are also revered in Buddhism and are one of the seven precious treasures of the universal monarch.

Elephants are known to bestow favors, mostly when it comes to business and financial enterprise. Many business owners in Asia are known to keep several elephants near the entrance of the building. They are believed to provide stability and wisdom to the company.

An elephant is also said to protect the home when facing the entrance, making sure only good fortune passes through. As for the most prominent feature of an elephant - the trunk - the most common belief is that it has to be up to receive good luck. Some even claim that if the trunk is down, it will bring bad luck. Overall, the elephant represents strength, power, stability and wisdom. Get and give the luck of an elephant with Evie the Elephant. Shop here!